Learning and Development

Continuous Learning and Development is critical for everyone to be innovative and agile, and to enhance your skills, competencies required in the modern world. In this section you will find resources and information around system leadership, project management and person-centred approaches. Please take the time to browse around and if you have any suggestions or requests for anything else please do get in touch.

System leadership

Our system operates across the whole of health and social care in Sheffield. The following pages contain resources you can use and training you can attend to begin thinking about the health and social care system differently.

Person-centred approaches

We define a person-centred approach as "enabling the people of Sheffield to live a life they value, and allow people and communities to have greater control over what matters to them" The following pages contain resources for you to use and training you can attend to integrate person-centred approaches into your team’s way of working.

Project management

Many of you visiting these pages will be involved in a project of one sort or another. The following pages contain resources and training courses that may help you in managing your project successfully from the initial planning stage to communicating and managing the change process involved, not forgetting celebrating the success of the whole thing at the end.