Integration priorities

As the health and social care system has moved out of the critical pandemic response, the work of the ACP has increasingly shifted away from a tactical/operational focus back to the development of a longer term vision of the partnership, and more recently developing ideas for future models of place based working in response to the White Paper: Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all.  Through the spring (2021) the ACP reviewed the priority areas of work, taking account of the Sheffield joint commissioning intentions, national NHS planning guidance and organisational recovery plans. The themes identified below represent key areas of delivery and change where we hope to demonstrate that a different and more integrated approach to transformation will have a significant and positive impact on people’s experience of health and care and health outcomes. 

There is of course be a huge amount of partnership and integration work happening across Sheffield beyond those areas identified below, for more details about any of the areas described below or the wider integration work of the ACP,  please contact us on